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Affle successively receives its 5th and 6th US Patent Grants, significantly strengthening its global tech IP portfolio

October 12, 2021: Affle (India) Limited, a consumer intelligence-driven global technology company, announced that it has received Issue Notification for the grant of patents from US Patent & Trademark Office (US PTO). One patent, bearing Patent no. 11157952 and date of issue as of October 26, 2021, is related to the technology of ‘Creating decentralized repository of fraud IPs and publishers using Blockchain’. Another patent, bearing Patent no. 11151605 and date of issue as of October 19, 2021, is related to the technology of ‘Click to install behaviour based detection of fraud’. With these two patent grants, Affle now has US Patents granted along with multiple other patents filed and pending across US, India and Singapore.

These patent grants fortify our mobile ad fraud detection and prevention capabilities which include sophisticated machine learning algorithms to identify ad fraud in real-time, thereby maximizing quality of conversion-driven marketing for the advertisers. The patent that utilizes Blockchain creates an immutable decentralized shared ledger of fraudulent characteristics for publishers, scoring them into backlists & whitelists through continual interactions verification based on smart contracts.  This patent also emphasises the use of machine learning to predict and reduce fraud. The other patent also uses trained machine learning models to detect human natural engagements vs. non-human bot traffic and other real-time signals and patterns to minimise ad fraud.

Commenting on this development, Anuj Khanna Sohum, the Chairman, MD and CEO of Affle said, “Affle has pioneered inventions and innovations in mobile marketing since 2005 and we are thrilled to be granted a total of 6 US patents as on date. Our patents for fraud prevention filed in 2017, demonstrate our scientific rigor and our commitment towards powering digital transformational journeys for advertisers globally. Ad fraud remains one of the top industry concerns and we have invested to enhance our intellectual property on ad fraud detection capabilities to prevent ROI erosion for top marketers. We continue to invent cutting-edge platform-focused solutions, advancing our tech thought leadership and augmenting our strategic defensibility globally.”

Closely driving the patents portfolio at Affle, Charles Yong, the Chief Architect and Technology Officer said, “Our team has done extensive R&D to build robust and reliable algorithms to help detect, highlight and eliminate multiple types of ad fraud. We have identified future usage of Blockchain technology as the trusted immutable platform for efficient sharing of insights amongst relevant stakeholders within the mobile marketing ecosystem to minimise mobile ad fraud in real-time. This technology has many applications and use cases for the future especially in fraud with the proliferation of devices such as IoT devices growing exponentially.”

This announcement comes soon after Affle was granted its 4th US Patent in September 2021, related to gesture-based, voice-intelligence driven interactions within the live streams such as podcasts.

Affle has built a robust patent portfolio with 20 patents across India, US and Singapore. It now has 6 patents granted in the US, while 14 patents are filed and pending across jurisdictions. The pending patents include innovative use cases of driving vernacular & voice-based intelligence, conversational marketing, app recommendations timeline and ad fraud prevention.

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