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Afghani Jewellery a Favorite Option during Navratra


Traditionally, Indian jewellery is preferred during the festive season such as Navratra. However, when we asked jewelers in some of the top cities in India, we were informed that a number of women are choosing Afghani jewellery this Navratra. The jewelers said that the growing preference for Afghani jewellery is because it is entirely different, as compared to traditional Indian jewellery.

The purpose of jewellery is to make an individual standout, and Afghani jewellery has proved quite useful in this regard. At any Navratri gathering, most women are likely to wear traditional Indian jewellery such as Kundan necklace, jhumka, chandbaali, etc. So, women who want to stand apart from the crowd are trying exotic jewellery such as Afghani jewellery.

Afghani jewellery is said to have originated among the tribal communities of Afghanistan. The country was once part of a major trade route, which helped the spread of this exotic jewellery across the globe. The key thing about Afghani jewellery is that it is designed around the idea of celebrations, which makes it most appropriate for the festive season. Afghani jewellery is also about communities, which also relates to community celebrations such as Navratra.

Another reason for women buying Afghani jewellery is that it is relatively cheap, as compared to traditional Indian jewellery. Most items in traditional Indian jewellery are made using gold, silver and precious stones. In comparison, Afghani jewellery utilizes metal, coins, beads and semi-precious stones. This helps keep the cost down, making Afghani jewellery affordable for most people. The tribes in Afghanistan utilized locally available materials to create their jewellery, which is why there is no predominance of gold or diamonds.

Since it is cheaper, one also does not have to worry about losing their Afghan jewellery. Losing one’s jewellery is quite common during celebrations, which is why Afghani jewellery comes across as a safer option. Another thing is that Afghan jewellery is quite rugged and maintenance free, so women don’t have to be extra careful while wearing their jewellery. Even if there is any breakage, it can berepaired easily at your local jeweler at minimal cost.

Afghani jewellery has gotten international recognition, as it has been worn by some of the world’s top fashion models. Naturally, this is helping make Afghan jewellery more acceptable among Indian women.The notion of exotic art has stuck with Afghan jewellery and it is increasingly being preferred this festive season, especially during Navratra celebrations. If you want to sport a different look, you can try Afghani jewellery this Navratra.

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