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Afghani Jewelry is winning the hearts of fashionistas!

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Afghani jewelry or Kutchi jewelry is a rage among the modern fashion loving Indian women. Made with oxidized silver, such artificial jewelries appear gorgeous whenever you decide to wear them. One of the prominent elements in the Kutchi jewelry is the use of high quality German silver, which provides the jewelry the due glaze and admiring looks. But is that all?

No, not at all. While the material of Kutchi jewelry is one of the reasons for its overwhelming popularity, the real masterpiece of Kutchi jewelry lies in the artistic use of motifs and designs. For many generations now, the expert jewelry makers from the Kutchi tribe of Afghanistan have kept their craft alive. The wars, political tensions and oppression have not killed their skills. And now that Afghanistan is opening its arms to the world, Indian women can readily purchase the best pieces of Kutchi jewelry online.

Thinking small is not an option for Kutchi artisans. They have a habit of creating grand pieces! Whether it is the volume of the jewelry or its designs, everything is mesmerizing. Try a Kutchi necklace and you would be transported into the Mughal era when the royalty of India would wear such voluminous pieces. With floral motifs and traditional designs, Kutchi necklaces are timeless in every sense.

We would not undermine the work of these Kutchi experts by calling their brand of artificial jewelry as something that is fit to wear for any occasion. No, not at all. Such jewelry is meant for the special days in your life, when you really want all the focus to be upon you. And trust us when we say it, people would not be able to refrain themselves from giving you a complement about your jewelry choice!

If you like the Kutchi jewelry so much that you want to make it a part of your everyday wear, then we would suggest some earrings for you. This is where the Kutchi jewelry has really evolved. While keeping their core philosophy intact, the artisans from remote Afghanistan have blended modernity. As a result, Kutchi earrings come in various forms and styles. From the grand Chandbalis to the somber Jhumkas and the casual studs – Kutchi earrings are meant for all purposes. So, choose the one you like the best.

If you know the right place to shop, than Afghani jewelry purchases could be cost effective on the budget and heavy on the style quotient. So, visit Glitterati by Alankriti and browse through a gracious collection of Afghani jewelry.     

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