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African Swine Fever: Virkon S disinfectant with proven efficacy in just 15 seconds

  • Study proves rapid effectiveness of LANXESS’ Virkon S disinfectant against African Swine Fever
  • Virkon S kills the ASF virus in just 15 seconds
  • With Virkon S and Virkon LSP, LANXESS offers two high-performance disinfectants for farmers

Cologne, October 19, 2020 – African Swine Fever (ASF) has reached Germany. Six confirmed cases of ASF have been detected in dead wild boar carcasses in Brandenburg since Thursday, 10th September. To date, there is no effective vacine against the disease thus making it extremely important to ensure biosecurity protocols are in place to help protect against the virus from entering German farmed swine populations.

“Biosecurity disease prevention measures and utilizing proven effective and powerful veterinary disinfectants still provides the best form of protection against the ASF virus.” says Anneliese Bischof, Head of Market Segment Disinfection at LANXESS. “Barrier control and external biosecurity measures are critical to help ensure wild boars and other wild animals cannot enter. In addition, all surfaces, equipment, footwear and vehicles must be cleaned and disinfected on a continuous basis to help prevent the introduction and spread of the disease.“

Virkon S & Virkon LSP are powerful broad spectrum disinfectants and among the leading products in the field of biosecurity and independently. They are proven to rapidly kill the ASF virus. The efficacy testing against the virus was undertaken by a renowned Spanish institute for agriculture, food research and technology.  Virkon LSP achieved complete inactivation of the ASF virus at a 1:400 dilution rate with a 60 second contact time, with Virkon S killing the pathogen in just 15 seconds at a 1:100 dilution rate.

Virkon – the science to kill pathogens

LANXESS has more than 30 years of scientific formulation development expertise. With Virkon S and Virkon LSP, the company offers two products with different active ingredients in the fight against the spread of the virus. Virkon S is a powder disinfectant and contains the active ingredient potassium monopersulfate. Virkon LSP is a liquid disinfectant based on the synthetic phenolic active ingredients CMK and OPP.

LANXESS’ Virkon range of disinfectants are dissolved in water and can be used extensively in the hygiene concepts of farms, from disinfection thresholds in the driveway to disinfection of stables.

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