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After condoms, a new birth control gel for men

The not-for-profit Parsemus Foundation has successfully tested a new form of male birth control gel on rhesus monkeys, paving the way for clinical trials in humans. The gel has been named as Vasalgel and the good thing about it is that it is administered through a process which is reversible. Currently, men can undergo vasectomy, but it creates problems because vasectomy cannot be reversed. On the other hand, condoms have a failure rate of 15%, which makes them unsafe to a certain extent. Vasalgel aims to provide an easier method of male birth control, as compared to condoms and vasectomy.

The gel works by physically blocking sperms, all while allowing other bodily fluids to pass through. This essentially means that a man using this gel will still be able to ejaculate, but he won’t be able to make someone pregnant. The gel is injected into the vas deferens, where it remains until it is removed by medical practitioner.

In the test on rhesus monkeys, 16 adult males were injected with Vasalgel and grouped with fertile female monkeys in an open environment. The male monkeys had free access to the females, and yet no pregnancies were reported for up to two years. It showed a 100% success rate, which proves the effectiveness of this new male birth control gel.

The Parsemus Foundation is now preparing for the human clinical trials and hopes to launch this product by 2018.

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