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After Nawaz Sharif’s disqualification and resignation, democracy at risk in Pakistan

After Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif resigned in face of his disqualification by the Pakistan Supreme Court, a political vacuum has developed in Pakistan. Experts said that this is not good for India, as democratic forces in Pakistan now face an uphill task to restore faith among people. Since Sharif has been disqualified over corruption charges, as stated in the Panama-gate financial scandal, the people of Pakistan may lose their faith in democracy. Sharif’s family members including his son and daughter also cannot hope to restore the situation since they too have been involved in the corruption case. The involvement of the top political leader in corruption case is a big jolt to the common man and it may dent their faith in democracy.

With Sharif resigning from the Prime Minister’s post, it can give the Pakistan army full control of the country. And this is exactly what a worrying aspect for India is. One major worry is that Pakistan has nuclear weapons and in a situation where there is a political vacuum in the country, it’s a huge risk to ensure safety of the nuclear weapons. There’s always a possibility that some rogue general might get ambitious and decide to use the nuclear weapons against its neighbors. The other threat is terrorism, as it will also find it easier to spread its wings in a political vacuum. The events in Pakistan are now been keenly tracked by Indian security agencies.

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