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Akhilesh government targets quick justice in Bulandshahr rape case

The UP government has taken urgent steps to ensure that all the culprits involved in the Bulandshahr rape case are caught at the earliest and produced in the court of law. UP CM Akhilesh Yadav has been personally overseeing the case to ensure that justice is delivered in the shortest possible time. A number of policemen, including senior officers, have been suspended and others have been directed to trace the suspects using all their intelligence and resources. Akhilesh has made it clear to the police community that such incidents will not be tolerated and these should not occur ever again.

The police are working hard to find the main culprits, for which, it has formed dozens of teams who are working on a variety of leads. Three of the accused have already been arrested and the hunt is on for the 2 main suspects – Salim and Parvez. The police are facing problems since they seem to be dealing with members of the nomadic tribe of Bawariyas. Members of this tribe often do not have a fixed address and operate inter-state in search of easy money. These people have often been found involved in crimes such as robbery, theft and dacoity. However, despite the problems, the police are confident that the culprits will be caught soon and sent to jail.

Another fallout of this disturbing incident is the accusations of poor governance against the UP government. While rapists deserve the maximum punishment for their brutal act, it would be wrong to accuse a party’s leader, just to tarnish the image of a particular political party. Crime against women such as rape is a global problem and not limited to any particular geography. It is a sad reality of the uncertain times we are going through, irrespective of where we live, be it India or developed countries such as United States, France, Germany. etc. We know that UP CM Akhilesh has galvanized the entire state machinery to trace the culprits and ensure that they get the maximum punishment. So, we should support him rather than weaken him by talking ill about his government.

If we really care for the victims of brutal crimes such as rape, we need to work together to ensure that justice is delivered. If the common people unite, you can imagine the number of eyes and ears we can have in every village, town, and city. Then the perpetrators of heinous crimes would find it difficult to hind and those planning to commit such crimes would think a dozen times. Let’s pledge solidarity with the victims and try to help the police and administration in whichever way we can. Collectively, we can tackle crime against women and foster a safe and free society.

By: Deepak

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