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Akshardham temple attacker Abdul Rashid arrested after 15 years

In a significant breakthrough, the police have arrested Abdul Rashid Ajmeri, who is the prime suspect in the Akshardham temple terror attack. Rashid was arrested today from Ahmedabad airport after his arrival from Riyadh. Deputy Commissioner of Police of Ahmadabad Crime Branch, Deepan Bhadran said that Rashid is one of the prime conspirators in the Akshardham temple terror attack. The crime branch had received intelligence inputs that Rashid will be coming to Ahmedabad to meet his brother. Based on the information, the crime branch personnel laid a trap and arrested Rashid. Based on their investigation, the police have found that Rashid was the planner of the attack on Akshardham temple and he had also helped militant organization Lashkar-e-Taiba to execute the terror attack.

According to police, Rashid had left India, just before the attack on Akshardham temple was executed on September 24, 2002. The terror attack was carried out by two armed terrorists. The Akshardham temple is located in Gandhinagar in Gujarat. The attackers were heavily armed and they targeted innocent worshippers. The terrorists killed 30 people and injured more than 80. The National Security Guards (NSG) commandoes were called in and they killed both terrorists and ended the siege. The police are hopeful that they will be able to get more information after they interrogate Rashid. Earlier, six people were arrested in relation to the attack, but all six were acquitted by the Supreme Court in 2014 due to lack of strong evidence.

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