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All About Mobile Computers: Its Types And Usage

The mobile computer is a small, lightweight, and portable device that allows people to access data and information from wherever they are. It includes a laptop, notebook, personal digital assistant, smartphones, portable data, etc. But sometimes notebooks and laptops are excluded from the group of mobile computing gadgets because they cannot be used while moving. These devices can scan barcodes and capture data and come in various shapes and sizes. 

Different Types Of Mobile Computers

  • Handheld Mobile Computers

A handheld computer is a highly mobile and compact device, which can be easily held or operated in hand. Generally, they come with LCD or OLED flatscreen interfaces. They are also known as PDA (Personal Digital Assistants) that was initially developed to work as a personal scheduling assistant.

It is very rugged and durable and designed to withstand environmental factors such as rain and dust. Some of them are incorporated with windows operating systems and some come with Linux operating systems. It is preloaded with application software and custom programs and has inbuilt Wi-Fi features. Some of the best handheld Mobile computers are Zebra MC9200 handheld computer, Motorola MC3200 handheld computer, Panasonic FZ-T1 Warranty handheld computer, and Honeywell handheld mobile computer.


Handheld mobile computers are widely used in warehouses and logistics operations to improve productivity. Besides this, they are also used in classrooms to conduct real-time surveys.

  • Wearable Mobile Computers

These computers are also known as body-bronze computers and are meant for hand-free operations. These are invented for carrying on the body, for instance, on the wrist. They are operated with sophisticated voice-directed operations and allow the user to work and communicate together. But the disadvantage of this type of portable computer is that it is more prone to technical issues such as heat dissipation, batteries, software architecture, and more.

Honeywell 8680i wearable computer, Zebra WT6000 wearable computer, Motorola WT41N0, and Honeywell CT40-L0N-1NC110F-KIT are some of the best quality wearable computers.

Similar to Honeywell handheld mobile computers, its wearable version provides the same powerful computing and wireless connectivity. 


These are used to increase worker’s productivity and are perfect for voice-driven applications.

  • Vehicle-Mounted Mobile Computers

As the name suggests, the vehicle-mounted computers are designed for industrial trucks or forklifts which are used in big warehouses. These computers feature full PC functionality and are rugged enough to be used in the toughest environments. They are mounted on material handling machines and can be used in extremely high temperatures.

The Honeywell Thor VM1A, Zebra VC8300, and Advantech DLT-V72 Facelift are listed at the top of all vehicle-mounted computers.


These computers provide industrial-grade computing solutions for warehouses, manufacturing, and construction units. 

  • Hazardous Environment Mobile Computers

These devices are developed for users so that they can work in critical environments of operations safely and efficiently. 

Intrinsically safe handheld computers combine global certifications for hazardous environmental cutting-edge technologies and meet rigorous requirements for gases, vapors, liquids, or dust.

Some of the widely used mobile computers in hazardous environments are Zebra xPad L10 ATEX rugged tablet computer, Honeywell CK 65 rugged mobile computer, and Samsung Tab Ex-01 rugged tablet.


These are used in potentially explosive environments where workers are needed to enter the area with gas fumes or fine dust.


The computer tablet resembles mobile phones in some ways and comes with a mobile operating system and touch screen display. Their size lies between laptops and smartphones. The user can write using a finger or can use the stylus. 


These are used to take photos, write notes, create pictures, make phone calls, and send messages.

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