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All You Need to Know About Onsurity’s Employee Health Care Benefits

Onsurity has a simple mission: to help businesses grow with happier and healthier employees.We do that by providingemployee healthcare benefits, specifically targeted towards MSMEs and start-ups.We believe that healthcare should be a right and are helping to make it so for the millions of employees who do not have access to healthcare benefits.

We are not in this business for the money, or the opportunity to become famous. We are here because the COVID-19 pandemic has showed us we cannot take our health for granted. Yet, millions of Indians still do not have access to affordable healthcare. Through employee healthcare benefits, we are helping bridge that gap.

How do we do that? It is simple. Employers subscribe to our business health plans, and employees access their employee healthcare benefits through the Onsurity App. Through the app, employees can book doctor teleconsultations, order discounted medicines, book discounted health check-ups, track their fitness and even access their group health insurance provided by our insurance partner.

India’s Healthcare Challenge

To really understand why employee healthcare benefits matter, we need to understand the size and scale of India’s workforce, as well as employers. Right now, India is home to:

  • Around 40,000 active start-ups in India
  • More than 633 lakh MSMEs in India
  • Responsible for over 11 crore jobs

That scale and size makes MSMEs, and start-up’sthe ideal vehicles to deliver healthcare benefits. Employee healthcare benefits matter, since otherwise millions of Indians find themselves unable to afford basic healthcare. The 75th National Sample Survey found that over 80% of Indians do not have health insurance.

A large reason for that is cost. Even with breakthrough schemes like Ayushman Bharat and Pradhan Mantri Jan Aarogya Yojana, healthcare is still inaccessible for many. The average retail inflation of healthcare was 7.14% in 2018-19. In simple terms, healthcare is getting more expensive, making it harder for people to afford.

To combat this, we need comprehensive solutions that go beyond insurance. That’s because it is not major surgeries or hospitalization that accounts for cost, but out-of-pocket costs. It is estimated that such costs have driven 55 million Indians into poverty. Outpatient care is a major contributor to this.

The Role of Employee Healthcare Benefits

This is whereemployee healthcare requirementscome in. With so many Indians unable to afford basic care, the onus is on employers to step up and deliver. By providingemployee healthcare benefits, employers can help address the challenge of accessibility. Employers can and should help their employees access the healthcare they need.

Doing so benefits not just the employees, but businesses as well. A study by the Integrated Benefits Institute estimated that Poor health is costing employers big, to the tune of $575 billion and 1.5 million days of lost productivity.” Poor health causes employees to take more time off or come to work unable to give their best. Employee healthcare benefits help address that challenge, which is why employers need to invest in it.

But we understand that not all employers can afford to do so. Existing business health plans are expensive, not very flexible and offer limited benefits. While that is fine for large corporates, it presents a huge challenge for MSMEs and start-ups. Affordable employee healthcare is not easily available, nor is it designed for the unique needs of India’s small businesses.

How Onsurity Helps

That is where Onsurity comes in. We understood that MSMEs and start-up’s need help, so we designed a solution. Onsurity’shealthcare membership is designed to provide flexible, economic options for employers, and comprehensive benefits for employees. Here is a blog we wrote on 10 unique benefits of Onsurity.

Onsurity currently has over 400 businesses on board, and we realise we have a long way to go. Not only do we want to get more businesses to subscribe to our healthcare membership, but we also want to change how India thinks about employee healthcare benefits. Here are just a few ways we are doing that:

  • Digital First Benefits: Unlike other plans, Onsurity was designed to be digital first from the start. Employers can manage their healthcare membership through our revolutionary dashboard. Employees can access all their benefits from the Onsurity App. No paper, no worries!
  • Comprehensive Benefits: Preventive care is a vital part of healthcare. That is why Onsurity built a healthcare membership with preventive care measures like doctor teleconsultations and discounted health check-ups. That way, employees can address health scares before they become serious conditions.
  • Designed by our Members: Onsurity’swellness membership plans are flexible and adaptable to our member’s needs. Not only can they design a plan that works for them, but they can also pick how they want to pay. That flexibility means employers pay for the employees they have, not had, or will have.
  • Support Like No Other: We believe support is a vital pillar of any business. That is why we have two great support teams – our customer success team and the Good Doctors team. Together these teams help all our members understand their plans andutilize them to their fullest. No matter what your issue, we are here to help!

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