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All you Need to Know About Professional Wireless Microphones System

Professional Wireless Microphones

There are many types of microphones that can be found on the market today, these microphones can either be solely used for their creating or have the ability to be used for various aspects as they are known to be multipurpose microphones. Either way having one use or multiple these microphones gain a very good reputation and popularity through their sound quality that they would provide the consumers, this would result in brand commitment and awareness to others on their high quality devices.

Knowing that, what exactly are the different microphones that you can find today, some are obviously more popular than others, but nonetheless provide their services when necessary. 

Personal Favorite Microphone Brand?

Everyone has their personal favorites when it comes to various different things, for microphones there are only a few good brands that are known for their astonishing sound. In this case, my own personal favorite I would proudly say is Shure microphones, being one of the best..

Different Types Of Microphones

Looking in depth on the different microphones from handheld, the wireless systems, and many other microphones that can be used for recordings and whatnot.

Wireless Handheld Microphones

Shure Super 55- Starting off with one of the most note worthy and memorable microphones that can be found in use by multiple artists. Known by some as the “Elvis Presley Microphone” as he was frequently seen using the Super 55 at many of his events and performances.

The Super 55 overall outlook and design give you all the vintage of the 50s and 60s, being a very iconic microphone with a frequency response that is tailored to provide natural vocals and speech. This vocal microphone has various alternative versions from color and expense wise, not creating much different quality wise though, the Super 55 Deluxe edition is a supercardioid polar pattern microphone with a satin chrome-plated casing, has a nice vibrant blue foam within and being able to attach onto a stand mount is the finishing touch of the microphone and its iconic look.

This microphone is the ideal choice for stage performances, used at recording studios as well as for podcasting reasons. Great for a dramatic stage setting as well as a vintage stage also being a very affordable microphone even though it has a big reputation and assumed to be expensive.

Shure SM58 & SM57- The SM58 is one of the most popular and highly demanded microphone for years, specifically designed to be provided for professional vocals during live performances, studio recordings as well as sound reinforcement.

Having features that makes it what it is today, starting with it being a standard vocal microphone used for either singing or speech purposes, and the technical specifications of it being a unidirectional cardioid pattern mic which isolates the source of sound whilst avoiding and minimizing the background noises that are unwanted. With its spherical filter being highly effective in all ways from avoiding the gushes of wind or the breathing of the speaker. It has a truly compact and rugged body that could withstand all sorts of rough handling through its shock-mount system and its steel mesh grille. It is the preferred mic for both indoor and outdoor performances which gives it variety.

As for the SM57, another popular microphone but in this case it is mainly used as an instrumental and vocal microphone, great to use whilst recording and live sound reinforcement due to its clean and bright sound that fits perfectly with its frequency response.

Towards the technical side the mic is a cardioid mic that similar to the SM58 it isolates the main sound whilst all the rest a.k.a the background noises are minimized. The mic is great for instrumental recordings such as drums, guitar as well as woodwind instruments. It provides great reliability through the outstanding performances that it accommodates and has become one of the most go to mics for all performers, producers and sound engineers.


MV88- For something more recent and more on the consumer side of microphones, the MV88 is an iOS digital stereo condenser microphone that is simply a plug in device that is connected to your iOS device whether it being an iPhone, iPad or even the iPod. From there onwards all that is needed to be done is to press that record button on audio or even video recording through the apps on the device, this would provide the most clear life like sound quality. The option to personalize the sounds outcome can also be in your control by adjusting the EQ, polar patterns and so much more through the Shure application “ShurePlus MOTIV Mobile Recording App”. Some added features would be the recording, editing and sharing this created content through social media or anywhere else to connect to others easier.

The device makes it much more convenient as for it easier for those who want to use some sort of professional audio that is on the go,it helps those content creators as it is something that is one of a kind and can be seen as something that is unrivaled with.

MV5- A condenser microphone that will nonetheless provide others the most professional quality audio, in which inspires those to execute the utmost best that they can. A flexible device that can be used via iOS or USB connection, the MV5 much like the MV88 is a plug in device that will motivate everyone to get straight to work, having the option to take advantage of the onboard DSP that are currently available on the device this way you are more in control on the sound and can make the adjustments to how you would invision it to sound.

Again to take care of the EQ and all those other technical features, a way to enhance the whole experience would be to take a deeper look through the Shure application “ShurePlus MOTIV Mobile Recording App” that can be installed onto all iOS devices. Some features where previously mentioned regarding the app for the recording editing and sharing. Finally the use of an adjustable stand would do just the job to complete the final experience of the recordings. 

Apart from these mentioned microphones that are in demand in the market, there are various others that are wireless microphone systems from the BLX and ULX-D these or even the microflex and all these conferencing systems that you would see more frequently today during press releases and other scenarios.

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