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All you need to know about wearing a mask

Following the widespread impact of COVID-19, face masks have become an integral part of our lives now. Precautionary measures and hygiene are the only power tools to stay away from Coronavirus. Therefore, the demand for hand sanitizers, gloves, face masks and other similar products have increased drastically. However, it should be noted that face masks, sanitizers and other precautions would be effective only when they are used properly. Are you wondering what masks are effective and how to use, dispose them off? Then let’s dig deeper and find out.

Face masks v/s COVID-19

In our battle against COVID-19 so far, it has been discovered that wearing multi-layer masks can prevent virus-infected particles from entering our nose and mouth. The virus, as we know, is spreading through the transmission of tiny particles called aerosols that can penetrate cloth surface. If a person covers mouth and nose with a multi-layered mask, it can diminish the chances of virus transmission.

If you are in a public place, around people who might be infected, around people sneezing/coughing or if you are experiencing cold/cough, then you must wear a multi-layer mask as a precautionary measure. Many trusted brands such as ZOOOK and Air Ok Technologies have introduced effective multi-layered face masks. Out of many brands, ZOOOK is manufacturing high-quality masks for children as well. The masks offered by the company has 5-layer protection with 2-layer melt blown. The FDA-approved masks have very soft ear loops and made of breathable fabric. A pack of three ZOOOK masks is available for Rs 399 on Amazon. Air Ok masks are priced between Rs 299 and Rs 699.

The most effective type of masks is N95. But do note that the government has advised against using N95 masks with valve respirators.

The art of wearing the mask

Wearing a face mask is one of the healthy habits to avoid any contact with Coronavirus. This will only be effective when done alongside hand-sanitization and maintaining basic safety measures. It must be noted that when you wear a face mask, it must cover your mouth as well as the nose. There must be no gap left between the sealed ends of the mask and your face – NOT EVEN A LITTLE BIT. You must always adjust the mask for the first time of putting it on, and you mustn’t touch or adjust the mask while in a public place.

You may also come across people wearing surgical masks and homemade masks. While these masks can contribute to flattening the virus curve you must pay extra attention to its usage for its effectiveness. These are normally single-use mask and should be thrown away immediately after each use. In no scenario, re-using a face mask is advisable or safe.

Discard masks properly

Wearing the mask properly is useless if they are not discarded in the right manner. One must remove the mask from behind and NEVER touch the front section. Once removed, it must be thrown in a closed bin. Post disposing-off the mask, clean your hands thoroughly with soap and water or an alcohol-based hand rub.

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