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Almond and peanut butter should be your BFF in 2020! Why?

Welcome to a new decade, a decade that might drive you nuts! Confused? Well, we mean this decade and especially this year, 2020, is going to be crazy but your BFFs aren’t going to leave your side. Yes, we’re talking about Alpino’s almond and peanut butters. They’re indeed the best company to have for 2020! Nut butters are indeed life changing and the all-new hype. Are you wondering why you must try them too? We have enough reasons why Alpino’s almond and peanut butter need to be your BFF. Read on to know some:

  1. Enriched with Vitamin E

Almond and peanut butters are rich in vitamin E content. Vitamin E is needed in our body to protect the cells from oxidative damage. Let us simplify oxidative damage for you: vitamin E neutralises radicals and prevents harmful chemicals from oxidising DNA and proteins. Long story short, these Alpino’s Natural peanut and almond butters are nutritious and can prevent your cells from damage and make you look healthy as well as let your skin glow.

  1. Lets you bunk the junk

Almond and peanut butters are a healthy alternative! They can be added to literally anything and everything and make your diet food delicious. They’re a tasty addition to your every day meal and can work as a perfect catalyst to help you bunk the junk. From salads to rolls or sandwiches, nut butters are indeed the perfect company, keeping your stomach full and keeping you away from the junk.

  1. Regulates insulin levels

What is the real definition of a BFF? Somebody who keeps you happy and healthy, right? Almond and peanut butters do exactly that for you! They’re always there – from regulating your mood to your insulin levels, they don’t leave your side. A spoonful of these Alpino’s Organic peanut and almond butters will ensure lower levels of insulin and fasting glucose.

  1. Full of fibre

Most Indians don’t get enough fibre in their regular consumption, due to a lack of balanced diet. Depending on age and gender, each person may have a different fibre need. Fibre forms an integral part of your everyday diet as it reduces the risk of chronic diseases and helps you maintain a healthy weight.

  1. Prevents heart disease

A real BFF shows you what is right – Alpino’s Classic almond and peanut butters do the same! They tell you how to protect your heart and help in preventing the development of cardiovascular diseases. These butters have low saturated fats and therefore, reduce the bad cholesterol in the blood.

BY: Chetan Kanani, Co-Founder at Alpino Health Foods

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