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Alternative careers that business degrees go hand in hand with

With their dreams of working for a global company, owning their own business, or rubbing shoulders with the best business minds, there are numerous students choosing a business degree over any other subject. After all, isn’t that the best way to prepare for a professional life? However, there are plenty of life skills that a business degree can instill in a student that won’t necessarily limit them to a life in the world of business, qualities including confidence, communication, analytical skills, planning and organization, delegation, teamwork, and business etiquette, which can all be transferred across industries. In fact, whatever career you eventually choose, you’re likely to stand out from the crowd with a business degree; employers will be impressed by your dedication to learning, your overall business acumen, and your ability to apply yourself. A business qualification will open a variety of entry-level doors to you, giving you the option to develop your skills and hone your expertise a little later down the line. It will also set you in good stead for building your own business empire, working with likeminded individuals, and deciding what it is you’d like to do; studying a wide variety of topics is a great way of specializing to a greater degree.

What can you do with a business degree? There are numerous job titles you could take, and industries you could work in. Fancy yourself as a fashion designer? Your business degree will have given you a good idea of how the global marketplace works, as well as instilling communication and teamwork skills. Do you want to work in marketing? Again, you’ll have the communication know-how and delegation skills thanks to your business degree, while you’ll understand exactly what needs to be done to reach that audience. Other careers that you may wish to think about include accountant, business appraiser, retail management, advertising, human resources, risk analyst, and corporate travel manager.

Mixing business and politics

If you’re still unsure about undertaking a business degree, it’s time to consider how such a qualification may mix with political aspirations. Mohammad Najib Mikati, the co-founder of M1 Group, and former Prime Minister of Lebanon, started his lengthy political and business career by completing a Master of Business Administration qualification at the American University of Beirut. In addition, he attended summer programs held at French business school INSEAD and Harvard, ensuring his business education was frequently updated and relevant. Of course, you may not have entertained the idea of entering into politics at any point in your education or career so far, but the very fact that influential entrepreneurs such as Najib Mikati have made the move should do well to inspire you; a business degree doesn’t have to end with business.

Whether you’re still choosing which school and course to apply for, have recently started a business degree, or graduated several years ago, it’s time to consider what it is you want to do with your life, and how that qualification can get you there. There are a number of careers that go hand in hand with a business degree, many of which you may not have considered. It’s time to let your qualifications work for you; go and grab that dream opportunity.

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