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Always with prewash Car Wash: What to look for

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Regularly driving your car into the car wash will not only make your car look better, it will also increase your safety. So that it does not come here to small scratches, you should consider a few things. The question of which car wash you ultimately choose is of great importance for the impeccable preservation of your car.

Car wash: This is to be considered

It is best to always pre-wash your car to remove coarse dirt. In good washing systems, high-pressure cleaners for manual use or special automatic pre-programs are offered. If you decide to pre-wash by hand, then do it thoroughly: Because in the subsequent washing in the system small impurities such as sandpaper and can easily damage the paint.

The choice of car wash should be determined by the overall impression. If this is positive, the chance increases that the technology will be comprehensively maintained. In addition to the offer of a prewash, you will also recognize a good car wash with the DEKRA seal of approval, which ensures regular maintenance by an expert.

These tips will help you avoid damage

The ADAC has tested three different systems in car washes – namely cleaning with brushes, textile fabric or with foam. Especially gentle for the paint is the cleaning with foam material. This was determined by light microscopy. The paint does not show any problems after washing.

On the other hand, cleaning with frequently used PE brushes leads to deposits, which may appear dull, especially with dark paint. Similar to the brushes, there is also the danger of the textile fabric, the deposits adhere, and thus damage the paint.

Car washes and gantries: comparison

In a nationwide car wash test, the ADAC also found that washes are far better in terms of price and performance than gantry systems. In a car wash, the car is pulled on a conveyor belt through the system, whereby the driver can usually sit in the vehicle. In the case of a gantry washing system, the driver must drive into the system, leave the vehicle and start the washing program by means of a chip card via a machine.

Tip: In any case, you should make sure before the wash cycle that all doors and windows are properly closed and the antenna is unscrewed. Once you have forgotten to unscrew the antenna in advance, it is worth driving the next few miles with the antenna unscrewed. The screw on the antenna holder dries up well again. Otherwise there is a risk that the antenna will rust in the screw and can no longer be removed.

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