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Amazing Birthday Cake Ideas For Teens

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Designer cake ideas for a teen’s birthday should be attractive and unique. For children, it can be cute bunnies, butterflies and varied shapes but the same cannot be done for teenagers. Following are the ideas listed for them.

Batman Cake

Who does not love Batman? Teens or kids, the superhuman never gets old. You can customize the batman cake by placing the logo shaped figure at the center, edible of course, or you can place drawings and figures representing the character and the city he lives in. It is sure to make your teen jump with joy, especially if he/she is a comic fan!

Kitkat Cake

Chocolates and cakes always get on with each other and if it is kitkat, it provides the immense chocolaty flavor along with the crunch which can make one go mad! With the kitkat cake, you can also get a ton load of sprinklers either placed on the top of the cake or all around the base. This is your ultimate wholesome sweet – dose.

Football Cake

For all the kickoff fans, you can have your favorite football or the jersey of your team printed on the cake. It comes with black as well as white frosting and a variety of creamy flavors. One can simply order this cake online

Nemo Cake

If you are a big fan of the Finding Nemo series and want to find the fish, then go for the special Finding Nemo Cake. The cake can be based primarily on black frosting with the fish coming up in a variety of flavors such as a blend of chocolate and orange or with orange and vanilla. You can also find the creamy part of the Oreo biscuit placed as the eye with candies on and around it.  

Red Velvet Cake

The thing about red velvet is the juicy splash it brings within the layers of regular cream and yet manages to stay elegant in looks and feel in the mouth. No wonder it is the favorite of every teen. You can choose the design you want for the cake and simply order it online.

Peeps Sunflower Cake

If you love flowers or gardening in general, then the sunflower cake is the best option to go. This cake is appealing to teens that are extra fond of detailing and intricate artwork, as shaping up the petals and the base of the sunflowers is no ordinary feat. The petals are created in one flavor while the center is heavily studded with chocolate chips. Yum!

iPhone cake

iPhone Lovers, this could be the best thing you can see on your birthday! Sad, that it needs to be cut but what can be a greater pleasure than to celebrate with your favorite gadget! Also, the iPhone image in the middle is edible!

Guitar cake

Guitars are classy, and teens love this instrument a lot since it makes them look cool and classy! Make the birthday even classier with the varieties of guitar cakes available online. If your friend is a guitar lover, this is even better!

Princess cake

Every girl is a princess and she has the right to be made felt like one! With the princess cake, get a blend of different flavors, created in an intricate nuance and with every dig into the piece, you are indeed taken to a fairyland. The cream is filled generously and is always fresh as a daisy.

These are some of the great ideas with which you can surprise your teen but in case you don’t have enough time, it’s better to order online.

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