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Amazing hacks using lipstick

lipstick-2Hello all you beautiful ladies out there. If I were to ask you which is your favourite makeup product, I am sure 90% of you will say that you cant do without the lipstick. And why not, with the versatility of the product, you should always value this awesome small little product. Even when your lipstick is about to get over, you may use them for various other uses such as:

  • Use as eyeshadow, as you like it
  • Use the pink and red ones as blush on your cheeks
  • Fix scratches on you leather shoes, matching the colour
  • Use it as a pen to write notes on mirrors, etc.
  • Colouring for children

So now you know how versatile this tiny looking product is! Whenever you use lipstick in other way (rather than the obvious use), do thank us

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