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Amazing Lunar Eclipse: First Of 2017; India Witnessed The Beauty

The world witnessed its first Lunar eclipse of 2017 on early Saturday morning. The beauty of the Lunar eclipse left all the sky gazers stunned and amazed.

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The penumbral lunar eclipse started at 4:02:02 am and ended at 8:25:05 am today on Saturday morning. It was was visible in India for a few minutes too.

As expected, the moon’s brightness lessened during the eclipse and it became a little hazy.

Today, during the early morning, the Sun, the Moon and the earth were aligned in a straight which lead to the Lunar eclipse.

During the eclipse, the earth blocks a part of Sun’s light from reaching to earth and at the same time partially covers the moon. This situation is also known as penumbra. The people of the earth witnessed the penumbral lunar eclipse due to such situations.

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