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Amazing travel hacks

Nov-Travel-Hacks-Buzzfeed_700x400For all those who love to travel would know the benefits of travel hacks. Travelling isn’t easy, if you are not smart. Even the most seasoned jetsetters sometimes have to face the inevitable hassles of travelling.

The below travel hacks can be life saving, and you would not be able to thank us enough for this.

  1. Choosing the best credit card for travel – If you start correctly, you can be sure to have a relatively relaxed trip. There are various credit cards in service which are made especially for travel purpose; study well all the benefits before finalizing.

  2. Minimize jet lag by sleeping at the correct time – This can be a key to your happy travel. Jet lag is a major pain if you are travelling long distance. If you calculate your time well, and sleep accordingly, you can minimize jet lag.

  3. Make free calls to avoid unnecessary expense – Make maximum use of free skype/watsapp/fb calls, etc.

  4. Packing intelligently – Roll the clothes instead of stacking them, and then use air compression plastic bags to squeeze air out of them


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