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Amazon plans to start shipping packages to Moon

In a draft proposal submitted to NASA and the American government, Blue Origin has outlined its plans to set up permanent settlements on Moon, Earth’s largest natural satellite. The planned project will begin by ferrying supplies, experiments and even people to the Moon. Blue Origin is an American privately-funded aerospace manufacturer and spaceflight services company set up by founder Jeff Bezos. Amazon already has extensive experience in delivering products globally, so once a human settlement is established on the Moon, it is likely that Amazon will start shipping packages to the Moon as well.

Bezos expressed his desire, saying that it’s time for the United States to go to the Moon again, and stick around this time. The goal would be to establish a “permanently inhabited lunar settlement”, said Bezos. As per the plan outlined by Blue Origin, the initial focus would be to ferry the necessary goods, as would be needed to set up a permanent colony on Moon. The plan seeks funding and expertise from NASA, even though Amazon will also be contributing its own funds to the project. Blue Origin plans to land the spacecraft at the Moon’s South Pole, where there’s ample sunlight to generate power through solar panels. The location is also close to deposits of water ice, which would provide water for the human settlement and used to produce rocket fuel.

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