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Amazon to have floating warehouses

Everyone is aware of Amazon’s ambitions to deliver all their products via drones to all their customers, right at their doorstep. Patents that have been filed by Amazon, reveal their ambitions of having airborne fulfillment centres.

These Airborne Fulfillment Centres (AFCs) will be stocked with products and kept hovering in a particular location where they predict demand to increase for the products stocked. Drones which are capable of making deliveries to customers will be kept on board this special AFC. These drones can make a safe on demand delivery and shall reduce the time lag between an order and delivery.

An excellent example for this could be a special event like a sports match. The AFC could be stocked with snacks, drinks and other products that the consumers would like to have as soon as possible before the game begins. The AFC can make quick deliveries to fans standing below.

The patent filing describes a complex delivery network that shall be used to make deliveries. The patent filing also specifies that these drones will operate as a network of drones and not as single flying units. They will relay data about weather, wind and temperature conditions to each the network and may be capable of beaming e-books down to readers below.

Amazon is yet to comment on the patents filed. developing_delivery_drones_hero-1

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