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American made drones useless against Russia

american-made-drones-useless-against-russiaEver since Ukraine’s Crimea was invaded by Russia and made a part of its nation, the eastern European nation has been wary of any more attacks from Russia. Even other bordering countries like Lithuania have been afraid of Russia taking them over.

This has made them turn to the European Union, NATO and the United States of America for all kinds of support, especially military. America has provided Ukraine with military aid, troops training and a lot of technological resources to help Ukraine with intelligence gathering. The US made Raven RQ 11B drones were provided to Ukraine to help them in gathering information, video imagery in real time, military reconnaissance and other military purposes.

The Ukranian military has been one unhappy lot after getting these drones. The drones have actually turned out to be a liability for them as they can be easily hacked by Russian hackers. The drones are launched into air by hand and can be easily hacked into to know where they are streaming their data. This has allowed the Russians to know all about the Ukranian military plans and installations.

These drones can be easily intercepted, their systems hacked and can be prevented from sending data back to the air base. They can be easily targeted by the militia who can capture these drones at will. Another challenge is that these drones have very little battery life, which means that they cannot be in the air for a long time. This prevents them from going beyond a certain distance and thus results in limited intelligence gathering capacity.
The Ukranians are upset as this is not the first time they have been cheated with inferior quality products from America. They had purchased Humvees and bulletproof jackets which actually turned out to be old and used by the Americans in the 1980s. This has caused a lot of heartburn in Ukraine and many question America’s commitment to the country’s security. In either case, no military expert believes that Ukraine stands a chance in case of a full blown invasion.

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