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American women go on strike on Women’s Day; Mosques in America receive threats

On a day when the entire world was celebrating Women’s Day, it was noticed that women in many countries were holding protests and taking out rallies. American women also went on strike on Women’s Day to show how vital their contributions are to the nation’s economy. In the US, the strike by women was conducted as part of the “the day without a woman” protest campaign. Many of the women were protesting against the allegedly anti-women policies announced by the Trump administration. Due to the strike by American women, several of the schools and government agencies had to be shut down for the day since there was not enough staff to conduct regular operations.

In another development in America, at least five mosques in the country have received threats from unidentified people. One of the threats talked about a bomb whereas another one had the message – “death is waiting for you and your kind”. Security officials consider this as a serious issue and are planning to increase security cover at Muslim religious centers. The bomb threat was delivered via mail and it carried the message – “An explosive device will be placed at your mosque very soon!” One of the mosques received a threat via email that read, “your one warning,” stated in part, “…Muslims, Mexicans, blacks will (be) hunted nationwide until (they) are dead and gone… plan to run or die, this is a kindness that we give you all warning, take it and go.”

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