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America’s ‘Mother of all Bombs’ kills 90 IS terrorists

America’s largest non-nuclear bomb, the GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast bomb, known as the Mother of All Bombs, has proved its worth, as it has been reported to kill a large number of ISIS terrorists. The latest reports indicate that at least 90 IS (Islamic State) terrorists have been killed in the massive blast. Earlier reports had indicated that 36 IS terrorists were killed in the strike, but after a detailed survey of the area was conducted, the death toll has now almost tripled to reach 90.

It may be recalled that the bomb had targeted ISIS’s remote mountain hideouts, which comprised of various tunnels and caves. The hideout was designed to protect the terrorists from ground attack, but it stood no chance against the massive GBU-43/B. Sources said that the hideout has been severely damaged in the strike, rendering it useless. Some people claimed that civilians were killed in the strike, but this has been denied by US and Afghan forces. Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani supported the strike, saying that it will help eliminate terrorism.

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