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Amit Shah defends son after corruption charges; challenges opposition to file court case

After other leaders in the BJP defended Jay Amit Shah, it was now the turn of his father Amit Shah to come to his defense. Amit Shah said today that the corruption charges leveled against his son are completely baseless. He said that the question of corruption does not arise since no government land or contract was involved in the business being conducted by his son Jay. Amit Shah was responding to the news article published in, wherein it was alleged that Jay Shah’s company had witnessed huge growth after BJP came to power. Amit Shah also lambasted the Congress, saying that various corruption charges have been filed against Congress leaders, but none of them have filed defamation suit. He said that his son has himself approached the court, which proves that he is innocent.

Amit Shah provided the details of his son’s business and said that it was dealing in commodities such as millets and rice. He said that the business was a high volume and low profit, which is why it cannot be used for money laundering. Amit Shah also said that the news article only talked about the turnover, but did not mention a single word about the 1.5 crore loss that the company had suffered. Amit Shah also cleared the controversy over the loan being given to his son’s business. He clarified that it was not a loan, but a letter of credit. It was to be used for purchasing material against cash deposits that Jay had in his bank account. Congress and other opposition party have been using the news articles published in, as a weapon to target BJP and Amit Shah.

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