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Amit Shah will remain BJP President even if elected to Rajya sabha

After there were speculations that Amit Shah will quit his current post of BJP President if he was elected to the Rajya Sabha, Shah said that there is no such possibility. Shah said that he will continue to function as the BJP President even if he is elected to the Rajya Sabha. It may be recalled that Amit Shah is contesting for the Rajya Sabha seat from Gujarat, where 3 Rajya Sabha seats have become vacant. Shah said that he was happily and wholeheartedly working in his role as the BJP president and there is no reason why he should quit the post. Amit Shah also talked about the Bihar situation and said that BJP is only fighting the war on corruption and has not broken any party in Bihar. He said that Nitish Kumar resigned as Chief Minister of Bihar since he was fed up with the corruption of RJD leaders. “Nitish Kumar resigned from the post of the chief minister as he did not want to continue with the corrupt. Are we supposed to force them to continue?” asked Mr. Shah.

Shah also appeared confident that BJP would emerge victorious in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections and would win even more seats. He said that the development and good governance of Modi government will have become evident to people by 2019, and they will support the party. Shah was also optimistic about the future of the 13 state governments where the party has won the recent elections and formed the government. Shah said that it is only through Modi’s leadership that India has been able to end the politics of family, caste and appeasement in the country.

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