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Amit Shah’s son to file 100 crore defamation case against The Wire

After media portal published a news story alleging that Amit Shah’s son Jay Shah’s company had increased its turnover by 16,000 times, Jay Shah said that he will be filing a defamation case against for Rs 100 crore. The news story published on the portal had said that since the BJP came to power in the center, the fortunes of Jay Shah’s company has increased by 16,000 times. Even this is true, it’s just a clever use of words in a potential attempt to defame Amit Shah ahead of the assembly elections in Gujarat. Even engineers fresh out of college get jobs and start earning from 0 to 30,000 or even more, but it can’t be said that they are doing something wrong. Even Reliance Jio has grabbed more than 10 percent market share in around a year’s time, and it does not mean that Jio has done anything illegal.

Reacting to the allegations published in, Union Minister Piyush Goyal said that the accusations are derogatory, defamatory, and baseless. He said that there is no truth in the story. Goyal further said that Jay Shah will soon be filing a Rs 100 crore defamation suit against, the author of the article, the editors and the owners of the portal. They will be charged with criminal defamation in a court in Ahmedabad. Goyal said that all businesses of Jay Shah are fully legitimate and all transactions have been done through banking channels. This leaves no scope for any irregularities.

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