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Amry at-par in conducting covert operations like Israel, Indian Prime Minister says

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the world has taken note of our Army’s capabilities after the surgical strikes at militant launch pads in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir  on Tuesday during a rally in Himachal Pradesh’s Mandi.

Modi compared the covert operations by Israeli Forces.

“Our soldier’s bravery is being discussed across world these days. Earlier we used to hear such covert operations are conducted by Israel’s force. Now the world has seen that India Army is no less than anybody and can conduct any covert operations to safeguard our land,” said Modi.

Israel’s military and secret service is believed to be the best in conducting covert operations in foreign territory.

During the occasion the Indian Prime Minister patted his government for resolving the issue of equal pension payout for retired soldiers. He added that the issue was pending for 40-years and scheme is known as One Rank One Pension and made operational from last year.

Modi inaugrated three hydropower projects in Himachal Pradesh and hit out the Congress government in the state which is going on polls next years.

He said BJP is known for implementing services  while the congress has engaged itself in corruption

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