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Amway Launches Nutrilite Traditional Herbs Range

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A global leader in direct selling and with presence in more than 100 countries, Amway Corporation is the preferred choice for millions of consumers. Amway’s Indian subsidiary, Amway India, is the No 1 direct selling company in the country. Amway India already offers a wide choice to its customers with more than 130 high-quality products. And now, it has launched its ‘Nutrilite Traditional Herbs Range’ comprising Tulsi, Brahmi, Ashwagandha, and Amalaki, Vibhitaki & Haritaki. These traditional herb supplements are a dynamic fusion of ancient Indian wisdom and advancements made in science and technology.

Newspatrolling attended the Bloggers’ Meet for Nutrilite Traditional Herbs Range in Bengaluru, where we learned a great deal about the quality and health benefits of these supplements. The event was part of Amway India’s 20th anniversary celebrations and it was held at Amway’s newly launched, state-of-the-art Digital Experience Centre at Indiranagar.

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Amway’s ‘Seed to Supplement’ approach

Speaking at the event, Amway India Nutrition and Wellness Category Head Ajay Khanna provided a detailed overview of the Nutrilite Traditional Herbs Range. Mr. Khanna talked about the ‘Seed to Supplement’ approach followed by Amway, which is crucial to producing high-quality Nutraceutical products. In the ‘Seed to Supplement’ approach, Amway follows a stringent 9-step process to create the most potent health supplements. The ‘Seed to Supplement’ approach involves:

  • The Right Seeds: Laboratory tests are conducted to ensure the seeds used are non-GMO.
  • The Right Farm: Fertile, organic farms are used for the most nutritive herb output.
  • The Right Species: DNA fingerprinting is done to choose the right plant species.
  • The Right Part: Only the parts having optimal medicinal value are used.
  • The Right Extraction: Advanced extraction techniques are used to extract the active ingredients and other components.
  • The Right Active Ingredients: Advanced analytical methods are used to determine the right quantity of active ingredients.
  • The Right Process: The extracts are processed at Amway’s LEED Gold Certified, state-of-the-art manufacturingfacility in Tamil Nadu.
  • The Right Quality: Stringent quality checks are carried out to ensure compliance with Nutraceutical Guidelines.
  • The Right Product: The most appropriate dose of active ingredients for optimal health benefits.

We were amazed to know about this extensive process that goes into the making of Amway’s Nutrilite Traditional Herbs Range. It speaks volumes about the quality and potency of these supplements and the phenomenal health benefits that they can provide to people.

Prevention over Cure

Mr. Khanna also talked about the ageless wisdom of ‘prevention over cure’, which has been one of the core philosophies driving Amway’s nutrition and wellness products. Mr. Khanna said that the Nutrilite Traditional Herbs Range is specifically designed to help people to protect themselves from various diseases. The active ingredients in Nutrilite Traditional Herbs boost general health and wellness, enhance energy levels and strengthen the immune system. These supplements are a great choice for people who want to be pro-active in terms of managing their health. Here’s what we learned about the various health benefits of Nutrilite Traditional Herbs:

  • Nutrilite Tulsi boosts immunity, works as a potent Adaptogen and has antioxidant properties. One Nutrilite Tulsi tablet has the power of more than 100 organic leaves of Tulsi herb.
  • Nutrilite Brahmi boosts mental agility, improves focus, and enhances the functioningof the central nervous system. One tablet of Nutrilite Brahmi has the power of 5 grams of raw Brahmi herb.
  • Nutrilite Ashwagandha supports vitality, reduces stress, boosts bodily functions, calms the nervous system and revitalizes the body. One Nutrilite Ashwagandha tablet has the power of 3 grams of raw Ashwagandha herb.
  • Nutrilite Amalaki, Vibhitaki & Haritaki supports digestion, boosts appetite, improves colon health, eases hyperacidity and detoxifies the body. One tablet of Nutrilite Amalaki, Vibhitaki & Haritaki has the power of 3 grams of raw Amalaki, Vibhitaki & Haritaki herbs.

Part of ‘Make in India’ initiative

Mr. Khanna explained that the Nutrilite Traditional Herbs Range is in line with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘Make in India’ vision. Developed for Indian consumers, the Nutrilite Traditional Herbs Range is produced entirely in India. This highlights Amway’s commitment to contribute to the government’s ‘Make in India’ initiative.

Purity, Safety & Potency

At the event, we gained some more insights from CA Kishore, who is a prominent Ayurveda doctor and expert. Mr. Kishore elaborated on the Purity, Safety & Potency aspects, which are key parameters used in the production of Nutrilite Traditional Herbs. These parameters include various types of testing and certification, which allows Amway to produce high-quality and potent herbal health supplements. The parameters of Purity, Safety and Potency include various components such as Non-GMO Verification, Certified Organic Herbs, DNA Fingerprinting, LEED GoldCertification, Nutraceutical Guidelines Compliant, Yeast & Mold testing, Pesticide Residue testing, Microbes testing, Heavy Metals testing, and Active Ingredients detection.

Mr. Kishore also answered a commonly asked question – “Why not eat raw herbs instead of taking herbal health supplements?” Mr. Kishore explained that the herbs you grow at home may not have the right quantity of active ingredients. Moreover, there are various types of species of the same herb and not all of them have the desired level of medicinalproperties. In comparison, Amway’s Nutrilite Traditional Herbs Range is scientifically tested to ensure the right quantity and potency of active ingredients.

An insightful experience

We certainly knew what herbal health supplements are, but we were not aware that the production involves such an extensive process of careful selection, extraction, testing and certification. The information provided by Mr. Khanna and Mr. Kishore was hugely insightful, as it helped us understand the complex processes that go into making Amway’s Nutrilite Traditional Herbs. We also gained valuable insights about the significant health benefits of Nutrilite Traditional Herbs and how they can boost ourhealth and protect us from various diseases and ailments.

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