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An art of expression by a teenager girl

Tanisha Jain is a girl of 17 years who has a passionate love for painting , and still being a teenager she is using her God-gifted skills to inspire people through her art and the statement which goes with her personality “I am born to live like a free bird of nature and my painting inspires me to do so”.

Tanisha was five years old when she first developed a liking for  art. Despite having attended various workshops and art classes over the years, she is self-taught  and has imbibed more from personal experience. The fusion of colours which she implement in the painting feels like that she is “the innovator of her own life” . The image which she used to draw on her sketchboard and whatever colours she fill feels like that image has explained all the unspoken words and also evoke the unexpressed feelings She is using her gifts to speak up against these very fads through her art, as like a painful feeling of a harassed girl , aborting child. Her paintings reveal as she is “the mirror to society” whatever she used to draw.

Still she is a teenager but have a great sense of creative power that it directly connects us to realism . Her painting appeals more to heart and is striving to make an impact through her art and painting . The way she has portrayed the contemporary society through her painting is like “a woman crying in pain begging for mercy” but in her exhibition it was clarified that “a woman loyalty cannot be judged and can’t be measured”. That’s why she wrote while drawing the sketch of the harassed women “I drew a necklace and in one of the pearls, I sketched a girl crying because of the sword placed on her head. I wrote ‘Like a necklace is adorned with pearls, a family is adorned with girls. Don’t commit this sin, don’t kill girls” this pain she expressed was extremely marvellous and supporting and buyers get increased suddenly in a large number they were impressed by Tanisha’s mentality behind sketching the portrait.

She is greatly bewildered when people fail to notice what’s wrong and go about giving their own opinion. And to share this very concern and angst, Tanisha started documenting her thoughts, along with her art it gives a “ray of hope” to believe on this spontaneous overflow of emotional art. In an exhibition she also said “ I wish to eradicate some of the social evils in our society through my intellect, talent, and creativity,” she expressed. Everyday injustice that often goes unnoticed bothers her greatly, and as someone who is lucky to have been born and brought up in a family that fulfills all her needs, she feels the onus lies upon people like her to strive and bring about change in whatever little way possible.

As in observing Tanisha’s painting I remembered the wordings of Sir Markus Zusak “ Sometimes people are beautiful , not in the looks in what they say, Just in the way they are”. Sitting all day gazing at the mobile’s screen wouldn’t do any good to either of us. Sensitivity and empathy should come from within. Stop taking things for granted because you never know where you will be 10 years down the line. “Be inspired and keep inspiring” as she always do through her art”.


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