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An eye for an eye, a rape for a rape in Pakistan

In a highly deplorable incident, a girl in Pakistan was raped to take revenge on the brother who had earlier raped one of the family members. The incident occurred in a small village in Pakistan’s Punjab province. All the people involved in the case belong to an extended family. However, they have different houses and live as independent families. The first rape took place when a 16-year teenage boy from one of the families raped a 13-year old girl from another family. The girl had gone outside to cut grass and the boy jumped on her, covered her with a cloth and raped her. Both of them are said to be relatives since they belong to the same extended family. However, they live as separate families in separate homes.

When the incident was discovered, all of the family members of the victim went into a state of shock and anguish. However, after the initial shock and pain, it soon transformed into anger and the elders in the victim’s family decided to take revenge on the boy who had raped the girl. The elders’ decision was that the victim’s brother should rape the sister of the rapist, as according to them, it would be the most appropriate punishment for the crime. And the victim’s brother did exactly what he was asked to do. He went to the rapist’s sister’s house and raped her. However, both the rapes were reported to the Violence Against Women Centre in Multan, after which the police arrested around 29 members belonging to both the families. If convicted, the involved people can face death penalty.

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