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An Incomplete Checklist of Gun Accessories

Anyone who owns even one firearm knows that ownership doesn’t begin and end with the gun itself and ammo for it. That’s literally just the tip of the iceberg. Being fastidious in your care for and use of your firearm necessitates a number of gun accessories, including but in no wise limited to the following:

  • Optics – Not an absolutely necessity, but useful for improving your accuracy at range over iron sights. Plus, optics, especially period accurate ones, will make a display or a collectible a lot more valuable.
  • Slings – Slings are wildly helpful accessories for transporting firearms, especially when you have other tactical gear or other hunting equipment with you. They free your hands and shift the load to your shoulders and back – really, it helps a lot with fatigue, particularly over the course of a long day.
  • Tools – From clip and speed loaders to broken shell extractors, there are a ton of different tools that you could need for a firearm. To make things more complicated, some of them are specific to a given firearm or a type of action. For example, muzzleloaders need a whole load of jags along with a ramrod just to load and clean their guns. Modern shooters don’t need that!
  • Parts Kits – A parts kit for your firearm is like a catch-all accessory. Sometimes you don’t know what you need until you need it and parts kits streamline repairs and replacements. A mushroomed firing pin here, a broken extractor there, a gummed up slide down the line – parts kits will have you ready.
  • Holsters and Belts – Whether you just want your firearm to look cool or you actually want to carry it is up to you, but you won’t get very far without a compatible holster or a belt to go with it.
  • Magazines – Magazines just might be the most popular gun accessoryout there. Any semi auto with a detachable mag leaves you with the desire for more mags. Plus, it’s a pain to load them, so you might as well invest in a few spares to make your time at the range more enjoyable.
  • Cleaning Equipment – While maybe not as popular as spare mags, cleaning equipment is equally important if not more so. Don’t trust primers and powders that shamelessly self-promote “anti-corrosive” or anything of that nature – keep your gun clean.

This is not by any stretch of the imagination a complete list. For example, for you scattergunners out there, we didn’t include “choke wrenches” on our list, nor did we include loading stations for black powder wheelgunners. The point is, there are many, many essential gun accessories, and this is no more than a jumping off point. You’ll learn as you go.

If you need a little help finding some of the essentials or you just don’t know enough to know what to look for, the folks at Sacro, Inc. can help. For many years, they’ve been one of the most reliable suppliers of historical firearms, gun parts and other shooting gear. Visit their website, today or give them a call at 610-250-3960 if you want to learn more or get started.

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