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An open letter to Sh Jeff Bezos Ji

Mr. Jeff Bezos
Chairman & CEO
Amazon Inc.
Sub: An open letter from FMCG distributors and traders from India
Shriman Jeff Bezosji,
Greetings from India where hundreds of our members and their families are suffering on account of your unwarranted adventurism.
We represent the collective voice of around ten lakh (1,000,000) distributors, stockists and suppliers of FMCG goods across India. Around 6,000 Indian small vendors and suppliers have dues of Rs 6000 crore ($800 Million) from the Future Group. These dues are pending for payment since March 2020. The announcement of Future-Reliance deal in August 2020 had given us hope that our dues will be cleared soon.
However, you decided to play Narad and blocked this deal by putting hurdles at every juncture.
While you continue with your Great Game of world domination, we have become what is called “collateral damage”. Payments of our members are blocked.  Our families are in great financial stress and suffering from mental and emotional distress.
May we suggest you back off from this petty war that you are fighting.
We can also suggest a mouth watering option for your litigation loving self. Pay the debts of all our members (it is a tiny fraction of your 1.6 trillion dollar market capitalisation)
 …. and if you are so litigation hungry, go and sue Kishore Biyani anywhere you like,
In New Delhi, Singapore or Seattle.
Or maybe you prefer Beverly Hills where you own a $165 Million dollar mansion.
If you please, take him to the Court of International Justice in Hague or the Court of International Arbitration in Paris.
Or maybe you prefer the Court of Galactic Justice in space, since your Blue Origin Rocket is readying for Space tourism.
And get well soon.
Our members have decided to send ‘Get Well soon’ cards from across India. We will be sending the letters by India Post to your Bangalore office. Trust Amitji, your Litigator in Chief in India, will be able to courier them to your ivory tower in Seattle.
With love and Pranaam
Jointly by,
Dhairyashi H. Patil, National President, All India Consumer Products Distributors Federation (AICPD)
Abhay Mishra, President, Public Response Against Helplessness & Action for Redressal (PRAHAR)

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