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An Overview to HIV Symptoms & HIV Treatment in India

HIV, Human immunodeficiency virus is a virus that attacks directly the immune system of the body, especially the CD4 cells. CD4 cells are known as the white blood cells which act in the human body to strengthen the immune system. HIV directly affect the body’s natural defense system. HIV affects these cells & makes it harder for the immune system to fight from other infections in the body. However, a person may have HIV without feeling symptoms for a long period. Well, there are some HIV symptoms by which it can be detected that you are suffering from HIV.

HIV Symptoms in Men & Women- Early, or Later Phases

The common symptoms both HIV infected men & women experience include:

Headache, Rashes, Muscle aches, Fever, Joint pain, Mouth or genital ulcers, Sore throat, Night sweats, random Chills, Diarrhea and Swollen lymph glands, mainly on the neck are the primary or acute HIV infections.

As per the statistics revealed by National AIDS Control Organization, “India is the third-largest country where 2.1 million people are suffering from HIV virus.

HIV figure in India is considered small as compared to most other middle-income countries. But factually, India is the second most populated country where the huge population is suffering from HIV. And, Indian medical practitioners are continuously examining to find out the proper cure for HIV prevention. But still, they have only succeeded in reducing the risk of passing on the virus through one person to another.

How One Get Infected with HIV Virus?

There are three major ways one can get infected with HIV virus. These are:

  • People who have sexual relations with an HIV infected person
  • Needle sharing while getting drugs or medication.
  • Mothers with HIV can also transmit HIV to their babies.

People can also transmit HIV infection through bodily fluids, semen, vaginal secretion, anal fluids. Indians need appropriate sex education and should be given support for dealing with the theme of sexuality in India.

HIV Prevention | HIV Medications | HIV Vaccines in India

Health practitioners have found a way of reducing the risk of HIV virus through biological preparation like preventive HIV vaccine and therapeutic vaccine. Principally, preventive HIV vaccine is given for future HIV prevention and the aim of a therapeutic vaccine is given to strengthen the body’s immune system so that people can survive for a long time. HIV treatment in India is giving a strong hope to people living with HIV virus. Medical councils have found a way of controlling HIV disease. Doctors are capable to control HIV with proper medical care. Antiretroviral therapy or ART is also considered the best therapy for controlling HIV diseases. People with HIV are now getting better care with HIV medication living a healthier life. By taking proper HIV medications, HIV infected persons can reduce the amount of HIV virus in their blood as well as decrease the risk of transmitted HIV virus.

Do you have proper knowledge and awareness about HIV infection and its treatment in India?

We cannot ignore the fact of sexual health which is also essential for living healthier. Creating the HIV awareness days is the biggest step taken by Indian Govt. to aware youth while teaching them how to fight with the HIV infection with proper medication and its treatment. If people are concerned about their sexual health, they can prevent the infection of HIV virus efficiently. The proper education of HIV prevention can protect the generation from getting the risk of HIV infection. For complete information, people can visit the official page of the National AIDS Control Programme, which is the biggest organisation in India.

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