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Anal itching causes, symptoms, treatment  

Are you suffering from the mistreated malady of anal itching and you are hesitating to talk to others about it? Well if so, then you should think about some cures and easy home treatments for this intolerable distress. Wondering how? Here are some pieces of information of anal itching which can be helpful for you.

Anal itching is the irritations of the skin at the opening of the anal canal. The itching goes with the craving to rub. Though, it may be an effect to the different chemicals of the stool, it often implies that there is irritation or swelling of the anal part. Anal itching happens more often in men, and, most of the time, no causes can be recognized. Do you know that anxiety, stress, and depression all are known to make anal itching even worse? There are some causes of anal itching which you should know.

Causes: Anal itching happens because of various Factors. Dietary factors, Diabetes, Recent antibiotic exploit, Chronic dry skin conditions etc. Anal itching can be happened by our Dietary factors like the foods we consume, hot sauces, peppers, tomatoes, Citrus fruits, Coffee and so on. Frequent liquid stools, diarrhoea, or missing of small amounts of stool are also the causes of anal itching. Psoriasis, Pinworms, abnormal growth of anal skin and Haemorrhoids are also can be the factors of anal itching.

Tumours of the anus may be the cause of itching but this is very infrequent in case. Piles, anal fistulas, fissures and Infections can lead to this disease. Eczema and idiopathic dermatitis can affect the anal area.

Allergic dermatitis may be because of allergic reactions of creams, lotions, bubble baths, washing powders, wet wipes, etc. also causes anal itching. Some sexually transmitted infections can cause itching in the area.

Symptoms: The most regular symptom is itching particularly at night. There also may be small amounts of bleeding. There may be a rash in the anal area with skin breakdown or a weeping clear.

Treatment: Treatment for anal itching contains home remedies and some medications. Here are some easy and quick healing remedies for anal itching:

  • Don’t irritate the skin even more by scrubbing the part with soap. This will just ground more irritation and itching.
  • Gently clean the area with water as it helps to heal the area.
  • Go for a plain, soft, neutral toilet paper. You can try the baby wipes or cotton moistened with mineral oil also.
  • Shift to loose-fitting cotton underwear which lets the sweat to disperse.
  • Try to stay away from food irritants and eat a high-fibre diet.
  • Apply Hydrocortisone cream for no more than two weeks to avoid skin scratch.
  • There are anti-parasitic pills for Pinworms. You can have them only the consultation with a doctor.
  • Try to keep dehydrated the anal area after too much of sweating.
  • And you can also apply mustard oil around the area.. take some drops of oils and mix it with 2-3 drops of water and the final mixture will be like a yellowish cream, that you can apply..

Remember Hygiene is very much a basic aspect. Excessive consumption of liquids, such as milk, beer, or wine can also create anal itching. For a constant anal itching an examination by a doctor is required. Changes in diet, treatment of viruses, or surgical procedures to correct the original cause may be necessary.

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