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Angola begins investigation in soccer tragedy that killed 17 people

Even as people are still coming to terms with the tragic incident that killed 17 people in a stampede at a stadium in northern Angola, the government has begun investigations to identify the cause of the stampede and the people who may have been responsible for the tragic incident. Apart from the 17 people who died, there are also several children who had died during the stampede. Around 59 people have been injured in the stampede, many of whom are receiving treatment at hospitals.

Eyewitnesses say that the stadium was already packed and yet hundreds of people were trying to force their way in. This crowd included people who did not want to pay for the tickets and also those who had tickets with them. The police officials failed to control the situation and due to the massive force exerted by the large crowd, the gate tore apart. This resulted in people falling over each other, resulting in a stampede.

This is Angola’s worst soccer tragedy ever, and the government wants to probe it extensively to ensure that such incidents do not occur again. The government has set up a commission to probe the tragedy. Initial reports indicate serious lapses on the part of police forces deployed at the stadium.

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