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Anoint Rahul Gandhi As Congress President: Senior Leaders

Amid the significant loss of Congress party in 2014 national elections and recent assembly election, the senior leaders have demanded that Rahul Gandhi should be anointed as the president of the Congress party.

Kamal Nath, Amarinder Singh, Rahul Gandhi, Congress

Senior Congress leaders, Kamal Nath and Amarinder Singh have demanded that this is the right time to formally anoint Rahul as the Congress president.

Kamal Nath said that Rahul is working as the Vice President functioning as President for a long time. He must be formally elevated as President.

However Kamal Nath also said that Rahul Gandhi is not a match for Prime Minister Narendra Modi in terms of political experience, he claimed that Rahul is smart and shrewd enough to understand the changing dynamics of India’s politics.

Amarinder Singh, the Chief Minister designate of Punjab, also said that this seems a right time to elevate Rahul Gandhi as party President.

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