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Antique Trends to Explore

Classic pieces of art will always remain in style. The world of antiques is becoming more inclusive, in today’s age antiques are for everyone. From wooden handicrafts to cutlery and a lot more. They will be utilized in the most un-expected places and will work its charm over the décor.

  • Garment weaving is quite in the memento right now, from its bright colors and needlework, intricate designs and patterns is what catches ones eye and sooner or later ones heart. All hand knotted, dyed these products are sure to always remain in trend, as they’re handcrafted pieces of fine art.
  • Over the years there has been an increased interest in purchasing wooden furniture. A handmade and smartly crafted piece of wooden furniture. Drawing inspiration from the past, by adding in intricate designs and certain key elements Is what makes it so attractive for one to have in their homes. From chairs, tables, cabinets, cupboards and a lot more that can be crafted.

classic art table

  • Collectable elephant art made from paper mache is also in with the other latest trends this season. The elephant being a docile mammal stands for strength, kindness and luck that it brings to one’s home. These crafts are crafted by the finest craftsman who resides within those regions; they’re made from paper puree, combined together and hand painted on. Each art work represents its own individual story and approach towards life.
  • Tale as old as time. Carpets have been around for centuries from great emperors to kings, from palaces to homes carpets have always been in trend. Carpets are a blend of contemporary art and vintage. A beautiful antique rug crafted with natural dyes and artistry, is a work of art that would last for generations. A setoff unique, timeless carpet is sure to enhance ones home décor a notch higher and enlighten the empty spaces.

classic carpet traditional

  • Chinoiserie is sure to make a comeback this season.  Beautiful handcrafted and hand painted sculptures are sure to be staying for long. Classic vintage and ancient Chinese chinoiserie is timeless with bold patterns, floral motifs and a lot more decorative art crafted onto those emblems. From wallpaper to porcelain handicrafts they’re sure to stand out from the rest.

Fine Italian glass lightening seems to be at the peak of popularity this season. From vintage lamps to enchanting chandeliers that are ultra-femme this season. Brightens up a room full of pastels and adds a sense of charm, color and sparkle, which is sure captivate one in its own lure and charm.

By : Saddam Zaroo, Managing Director, Khazir Sons

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