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Apple sued by Nokia for copyright infringements – AGAIN

Apple has been sued by Finland’s Nokia for using its patented technology without its permission. Nokia has accused Apple of violating 32 such copyrights which belong to Nokia. The cases were filed against Apple in German and American courts for patents related to touch screen displays , user interfaces, mobile software, antennas, software coding, video technology and chipsets.

Apple and Nokia had actually entered into an agreement for Apple to use Nokia’s patented technology in 2011, but Apple refused to use any more patents from Nokia in the following years. Apple believes that Nokia is trying to take advantage of Apple and has filed cases against Acacia research corp and Conversant intellectual property management in the United States. They say that these two companies colluded with Nokia to get unfairly exorbitant prices for patent use from Apple.

The lawsuit also alleges that Nokia has refused to license their patents for a fair price and is now using the methods of a patent lawsuit company in order to get a lot of money from Apple. Apple has said that Nokia is also claiming to own patents that it does not.

Nokia sold its mobile division to Microsoft in 2014 for $7.2 billion and has focused on building a mobile network equipment business.

Apple has earlier settled a patent violation case with Nokia. Apple has been sued regularly by many companies for violating copyrights by using patented technology without the patent owner’s permission. There have been many more of these instances after the death of Apple’s charismatic founder Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs himself has over 300 patents in his name. Apple has filed over 350 cases against competitors for copyright violations. Apple has once even sued an apple seller, i.e. a fruit seller.

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