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ApplyProof and Pearson PTE partnership to help Canada bound students

Partnership enables universities and immigration agencies to verify scores in a ‘one stop shop’ with no extra costs or additional steps for students


National, June 9th, 2021: Pearson, the world’s leading learning company, has today announced a partnership with the international student recruitment platform, ApplyBoard to use its standalone document verification platform – ApplyProof.

This new partnership will ensure that students taking PTE to study in Canada will have greater transparency and portability of their test results than ever before. ApplyProof will enable verifiers to access digital PTE results as needed, efficiently, and at no additional cost.

Immigration officials, government agencies, schools and others can require students to provide proof of English language proficiency. The ApplyProof technology affords a secure and decentralized solution to the challenge of verification. These stakeholders will be able to verify the validity of PTE test scores in seconds.

In partnership with schools, colleges, and universities across Canada, ApplyProof already enables secure, efficient verification of official student documents such as Proof of Acceptance. The partnership with Pearson adds Proof of English Language Proficiency, a giant step toward ApplyProof serving as one place to verify international student documentation.

Assia Hamdane, Pearson’s Director of PTE in Canada, said: “We are always looking for ways to make PTE an ever more beneficial, seamless and effective experience for our test takers.

“We believe our partnership with ApplyProof will help us do this by enabling students and verifiers to share and access PTE scores more quickly and easily than before.

“More widely we look forward to the benefits of our innovative partnership having a positive impact on international student migration into Canada.”

“We believe that partnering with Pearson will bring a new level of clarity, certainty, and ease-of-use to the processes for students, immigration officials, and institutions,” says ApplyProof Head, Iman Hassani.

“ApplyProof and Pearson’s commitment to interoperability makes access and verification of results transparent and efficient. For students and users, ApplyProof makes their results truly portable. ApplyProof enables admission and immigration stakeholders to trust the information submitted to them. All of that in a secure environment, accomplished in a matter of seconds”, he added.

‘Canada has been a top study destination for Indian students going abroad due to student-friendly regulations. Canada’s strong healthcare system has also made it an especially attractive global study destination over the last year. The partnership with ApplyProof will enable students to be confident about applying to universities in Canada. With wider acceptance of PTE in Canada, which is continuously increasing with more universities, this partnership has even greater relevance for Indian students, who represent more than 34% of the total international students in Canada”, said Ramanand SG, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Pearson India.

PTE Academic is accepted by over 90% Canadian Universities and colleges as proof of English language ability – 199 Canadian institutions and still growing.

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