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Aqualite Shoes


Aqualite is a famous company located in India which excels in styling and supplying of clothes and dresses. The company along with this also has a wide range of shoes to opt from. The company was initially started in the year 1981. Mr. D.K. Gupta was the founding father of the company. With the dues course of time, the company evolved itself as the world class manufacturers of shoes. Aqualite shoeswere developed keeping in mind the need for shoes with best quality at reasonable prices by any average Indian. The company pays a very special attention to the point of comfort for their customers.  Making a footwear both comfortable and of high-quality at a very low rate is tough goal o achieve, but aqualitehas surely fulfilled the target.

The company was the dream of the founding father and to make his dream come true, a highly skilled team of experts was developed to put a prime focus on the designs and comfort levels of the hoes developed by the company. The team was also expert in understanding the trendy designs that people would love to go with in their daily lives. The mixture of various colors along with perfect patterns painted on the bet quality material used for making the shoes that would give pride to the wearer is the sole objective of the company.the company also manufactures flip-flops and shoes for kids that are equally attractive. The materials are of high-quality and durable such as EVA,T PR compound, PU and Phylon. These footwear can be worn on any occasions be it formal or informal. One could wear it for daily use or one could use it for ports and running.

The company has been a trusted companion of its clients since a long time. It provides employment to over three thousand employees. The main nerve center of the company is located in the heart of India, Delhi and is office to over 3000 employees. The company also has over 12 state of the art manufacturing units in Rajasthan and Harayana. These units are capable of meeting he demands of production of over 3 lacs of pairseveryday. The company aimed to reach the turnover of over 1000 crore by 2020.

Aqualiteshoes Indiais undoubtedly one of the best shoe making companies in India. The foot wares that the company manufactures match the latest trends and you will get all varieties of shoes that shall match your personality.  The foot wares are dynamic and comfort is given prime importance.The shoes have been accepted not only in India but also in foreign countries at large. The company produces the shoes for both men and ladies and is widely renowned for its supplying and manufacturing excellence and efficiency.The sole reason for the success of it is the company’s constant focus on the delivery of its shoes without comprising with the quality of it.The durability, effort, trust, affordability and style-all in one package played an important role in developing and expanding the name of the company in its sphere of business.

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