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Arcanumz Enterprises launches first ever political mobile app DirectNETA

~An app that will act like ” a pocket jansampark karyalay”~

Mumbai 12 October 2015: Arcanumz Enterprises launches first of its kind political mobile app DirectNETA that bridges the gap between political leader with his constituency. The founders Pankaj Sawardekar and Pravin Ramesh Kale designed this app with the ideology of providing an unique and direct connect to said ‘difficult to reach’ politicians via phone call and message. The common man can now reach the unreachable more efficiently and get his/her issues addressed and resolved with immediate effect and regular updates while the query is being worked upon. The app will help bring transparency in communication between politicians and constituents, building a strong connect between Janta (common man) and Neta (politician). In addition to that, the Neta also gets to track the number of queries he has received and resolved through the app.

Keeping in mind the current need of the people and the politician, Arcanumz Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. team has designed this app that can be customized according to the Neta’s needs for his constituency. With this app the Neta, without disturbing busy schedule, can stay connected with this constituency any time of the day from anywhere.

With this app The Janta (User) can raise their queries or concerns via the app call and messages features, to which they will receive an acknowledgement from the Neta through the same app. It also has an added feature where a common man (User) can directly have a brief but limited chat with his Neta and discuss and elaborate the issue in a much simpler way.

The USP of this app is that the Neta will get timely reports on the cases raised, and can keep tab on the entire process of the case, while being resolved. Calling and messaging through the app is not really a big deal in the age of messaging or calling apps. But the having a reporting system on a political app is certainly an innovation. Through this reporting system the Neta gets to track & bifurcate number of queries received, nature of queries and resolved cases. The Netas can certainly use this data to their benefit in forthcoming election campaigns to show how closely they have worked in their constituencies.

This app is developed for the Netas who sincerely want to be in touch with people from the constituency and who wants to make the difference.

The website will also provide regular performance report of the Neta who are associated with Direct Neta. This will help the commoners to know about the Neta and his work done for his constituency.

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