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Are Libraries Still Relevant In The Digital Age


Libraries, paid with the international school manila tuition fees of students, is still relevant in the digital age. It has less biases and more credibility compared to the internet websites you will find nowadays. Because libraries have both of those aspects under their belts, these places are able to important now by proving people these different facts.

It provides free of charge knowledge

The library will always be for the public, thus, it should always be free and open for all types of people to access it. Thus, the knowledge it provides will always be free of charge unlike the internet. While some places provide wifi connection without payment, you will still need to pay for it monthly if you want to take advantage of online research sources at home.

It reduces fanaticism

Fanaticism is being obsessed with a belief to the point of it thinking it can do no wrong. For example, religious fanatics will think that the rules of their books handed by their Gods is the end all be all. If you question just one, they think that you are wrong and do not even bother asking the reasons behind your opinion.

This attitude is always a result of misinformation. These people never read, talked to, or heard the arguments of the other side. In libraries, you will see books of different view points of a subject matter always next to each other. You can always read those and come out with an informed opinion that is not fanatical.

It teaches history

One of the most important roles of the library is to preserve the past. In most shelves, you will the lifelong works of historians who wrote about the knowledge they gathered of the cultures, people, and events existing during their time. They tracked these facts, knowing it would be of an importance to the next generation.

History, no matter how old Filipino society gets, will always matter to you and other people. One, it reminds us of the complete truth when groups love to spread rumors .Two, it deepens our moral understanding of right and wrong by reminding us of the big good and wrong societies before us have done. It makes us question simply what it takes to be truly human. Lastly, it solidifies your citizenship as a Filipino by reminding us how our ancestors expressed their own identity.

It helps people know themselves more

Every village should have a nearby library because it helps the community to know itself more as a whole in different ways.

First, the librarian gives an insight on the way people think. If you want to know more about your neighbor or a family’s reputation, you just need to talk to your local librarian for she talks with people of all walks of life on a daily basis. Second, strangers usually get to know each other by talking to each other while waiting for their kids. Lastly, libraries build their collections based on the needs of the communities that attend them.

Key Takeaway

Libraries, paid with the international school manila tuition fees of students, are important in the digital age simply because they offer what the internet cannot. It encourages people to go beyond themselves and read about people and topics they do not have much knowledge on without bias. Lastly, by reading, they also know themselves about.

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