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Are We Safe?

It is gruesome to put to light the rape cases that are daily summoned in court. What makes it more disturbing is that only a handful of victims raise their voice and try to claim justice for themselves and the people around them who happen to be affected too. But what about the others? The victims who are caged by threats that are unspeakable, thoughts of what the society will think of them even If they do speak up. Thus, leaving them in an abyss of sheer pain and suffering kept within their wallsto safeguard themselves from being shamed by the majority of the society they live in.

What is more inconsiderate is the fact that we as a nation seem to be poisoned by beliefs that it is the victims who play a huge role in getting sexually abused and assaulted. The way they present themselves in public as in how they dress is deemed to be one of the major “issues” that leads to these incidents. It is this mentality that has to change if we want to see a better and safer future for the present generation and the generations that are to come. We must realize that the predators are the cause and that we mustfind solutions on how to reduce such cases that have been increasing day by day.

A report in 2015 showed that over 34,000 cases of rape in India alone have surfaced. Most of which are cases of attackers known to the victims who assault them either in the residence of the victim or therapists’. The statistics keep on changing every day, increasing in number and rather looks irrefutable to change. But to be fair, there has been some progress in taking action against the violators. Laws that include tougher and harsher punishments like an increase in jail terms and capital punishment have been initiated. Even though a few changes have been made, the abused still find it difficult to come out of their shells and tell their storiessince they lack legal support and face gruelling questions to answer.

In order for them to have the courage to speak up, it is the cultural understanding of rape that must change. Only when the mass public accepts this change, there may be a fall in crime against women who hide in silence. But it is not only the women who suffer such agonizing situations, men suffer from these cases as well in which for them is even worse when it comes to going public about their experience on being sexually assaulted.

Our country will only gain true independence when every woman, child and person are free and have the feeling of safety to roam about in any time of the day without a sense of fear looming over them. Therefore, the question remains. Are we safe or Will we ever be safe? Only time can tell.

By: Joshua Lamangdor Lyngdoh

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