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Are you the disrupter or the disrupted?

The world of business is changing, and it is changing fast.

With the ever changing concept of businesses these days, there is an increase in buying and selling of businesses around the world. However, we can no longer deny the power of a disruptive companies and business concepts that will forever change the way we humans interact, live or work. The use of streaming and online watching is a great example of this. New online technology simply removed the funding from DVD, HD and renting services such as Blockbuster.
The power of a disrupter is inevitable, and all older organizations need to adjust to this new world order to have a future. If you are not the one disrupting, you are most likely about to be disrupted.

In the book “Exponential Organizations”, Salim Ismail explains how business can leverage the new reality and technology. It is not an easy task, but if your organizations and your employees manage to adapt to the new reality, you actually have a chance to survive and be part of the future.

Right People Group has collected the five most important traits of the new breed of organizations and you can check them through if you are ready for the future.

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