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Armed men kidnap two Chinese nationals in Quetta

Two Chinese nationals working as language teachers have reportedly been abducted by armed men from Quetta, the provincial capital of Balochistan. Local authorities said that the two Chinese nationals were kidnapped from Jinnah town, which is an affluent residential neighborhood in Quetta. It has been reported that the armed men pretended to be policemen and forced the two Chinese nationals to come with them. A provincial government spokesperson, Anwarul Haq Kakar, said that when a passerby tried to stop them, the armed men wounded him. Kakar said that the passerby got suspicious and when he asked the armed men to show their identity, he was shot at by the armed men.

The passerby has been identified as Muhammad Zahir. Providing details about the incident he said that he was walking by the side of the road when he noticed three armed men pushing a Chinese woman in a white car. The Chinese woman was crying and struggling against her abductors. After this, the men also took the Chinese national and put him inside the car. After seeing this, Zahir rushed to the spot and asked the armed men what they were doing. One of the armed men replied that they were from crime branch and they were arresting the Chinese nationals. When Zahir did not believe in the story and asked the armed men not to behave like this, the driver of the white car came out and shot Zahir in the foot.

Local and Chinese authorities are currently working to get the Chinese teachers released.

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