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Army finalizes mega weapons upgrade worth 40,000 crore

In face of the rising hostilities with Pakistan and China, it was imperative that India had to carry out a major overhaul of its various weapons and artillery. Now, the Indian Army has taken a step in the right direction by finalizing the infantry modernization program. The program is worth a staggering Rs 40,000 crore and it will involve the modernization of various weapons such as assault rifles, machine guns, battle carbines, etc. Sources said that the defense ministry has finalized the procurement of nearly 7 lakh rifles, 44,000 light machine guns (LMGs) and 44,600 carbines. This is in line with the Army’s need to modernize its ageing and absolute weapons. The Indian Army is the second largest in the world and it makes sense to modernize the weapons, as there’s a growing threat from various sides of the Indian border.

The government has also directed the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) to speed work on other weapons such as the LMG. As per the current plan, nearly 44,000 LMGs will be procured for the Indian Army. Defense Acquisition Council (DAC), which is the top decision maker, has also finalized the specifications for a new 7.62 mm assault rifle. The assault rifles will replace the obsolete INSAS rifles and the Army will need around 7 lakh new assault rifles. The Army believes that the weapons modernization will significantly boost the overall capability of army personnel and it will also act as a force multiplier.

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