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Gurgaon, 4th July 2015: The department of Surgical Oncology at Artemis Hospitals, in association with Delhi Breast Oncology Forum organized a Continuing Medical Education (CME) on ‘Evolving Concepts in Breast Cancer Treatment’, on Saturday. The CME was attended by eminent Oncologists in the field of Breast Cancer.

The CME focused on important questions regarding breast cancer which perturb most of us like

My mother and her sister had breast cancer, will I also have it? Can I do anything to prevent it?

I have got a Mammogram done, the report suggests something scary. What should I do?

Do I have to lose my breast during breast cancer treatment? Is there a way I can get it back?

Can I avoid chemotherapy?

The meeting focused on these specific questions and exhaustive discussions were held to find answers to them.

Issues discussed

  1. BRCA gene analysis, who should get it done and when, its implications and solutions to BRCA positivity were analyzed.
  2. Intense Brainstorming was done on feasibility and techniques of Breast Preservation or Breast reconstruction during or after Breast cancer removal.
  3. Risk stratification techniques to identify low risk patients for tailoring treatment to minimize complications and side effects.
  4. Treatment and evaluation of suspicious Mammogram, ultrasound reports.

Artemis hospital, boasts of state of the art cancer care, providing pioneering cancer treatment using the most progressive medical technology available anywhere in the world. The Breast Cancer Service comprising Dr Mandeep Singh and Dr Deepak Jha have evolved the concept of Breast Oncoplastic and Radioguided Breast Surgery. The Hospital offers multidisciplinary comprehensive patient treatment with a personalized touch to the patients from all corners of India, neighbouring countries and all parts of the world.

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