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Artificial Intelligence is the next big thing in healthcare industry

artificial intelligece

Technology has seen phenomenal advances in the last few decades. It has touched and transformed lives in a million ways and is continuing to do so even now. Businesses and services have been quick to cash in on this revolutionary trend, and huge sums of money are being invested in technological research and employment of the latest innovative technological devices. Machine learning and artificial intelligence are the new buzzwords. The healthcare industry, which has always taken a lead in embracing technological advances, has once again been a patron of technology. So much so that a separate sector of industry known as the healthcare technology sector has sprung up in the market.

Hospital software companies in India, like Napier, Tenwave, Birla Medisoft and many more have taken a lead in offering comprehensive software suites specifically designed for various types of healthcare centres and speciality hospitals.

Hospital software makes the workflow of a hospital smoother by streamlining various aspects of hospital management and patient’s treatment, billing and post discharge care. New technological advances in the healthcare sector have made healthcare centres better organized and cost efficient. The hospital software assists in the easy management of patient information and reduces the stress experienced by patients and visitors during the hospital visit. It also facilitates in better handling of patient influx by the hospital staff.

While not on the same page as their counterparts in European countries and the USA,hospital software companies in India are nevertheless, doing a wonderful job in providing innovative, efficient and cost effective medical technology to healthcare centres all over the country.

Innovations in healthcare technology are revolutionizing patient care.Apart from the electronic storage and sharing of patient’s medical records, healthcare technology is helpful in a myriad number of ways in achieving higher patient satisfaction rates.Technology is helpful in providing important information to the patient  regarding their treatment, both current and future. It is also used to provide knowledge to the patientsabout their medical condition andto put them at their ease byincreasing the level of comfort.Patients being admitted to a hospital are understandably high strung, by providing high level of care, healthcare technology can be used to assuage fears of patients. Another vital advantage of using healthcare software is the lowering of operational costs for the hospital.

Artificial Intelligence is also being used widely to treat patients more proactively. Artificial intelligence powered devices are kept beside patients in their rooms by many hospitals that have features enabling the patients to control certain room features like lighting, air conditioning etc. The devices also enable patients to obtain information regarding doctors and the treatment being pursued for the patient through simple voice commands to the device.

Some hospitals provide patients admitted to their facility with devices like electronic tablets and smart tv, that can control in-room features. This gives patients more control over their surroundings and treatments. The improvement in the overall experience of the patient translates into better trust and higher patient satisfaction.

Interactive tablets are also being developed by hospital software companies in India. These interactive electronic tablets first ask the patient a few questions regarding his condition, upon admission to the hospital, and then provide healthcare briefs based on the information gauged from the patient’s answers.This approach helps the patients in understanding their medical situation better and act accordingly. Such technology also reduces the workload of the staff as the task of welcoming the patient in their room, briefing them about their condition and providing them with generic wellness instructions based on their condition, that was earlier performed by the staff can now be done by technology. This leaves the staff member free to attend to other necessary jobs. This, it also helps in increasing the productivity of the staff and saving precious time.

Healthcare software is helpful in assisting patients and doctors even after discharge. Communication devices and patient feedback technology facilitate communication between hospital staff and patients even from a long distance. Modern healthcare technology helps in monitoring a patient’s vital signs and other symptoms and sharing the information and receives feedback with a healthcare provider located remotely in real time. This service is invaluable as it saves the time of the patient which would otherwise be wasted in travelling to the hospital. It also saves the cost of readmission to the hospital or healthcare centre.

Therefore, it is safe to say that artificial intelligence and modern healthcare technology are going to be instrumental in changing the face of modern healthcare in the near future.And the medical industry in India is making leaps and bounds in technological advancements to help in integrating this technology onto our healthcare ecosystem.

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