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Artificial kidney is possible by the end of this decade

The world may see the artificial kidney as soon as the end of this decade as the medical engineering take a leap further to eliminate the kidney related diseases. The artificial kidney will transform the lives of many kidney patients who are using dialysis machines to live. The artificial kidney will be of the size of a fist and it is in the process of getting approval from US authorities.

The reengineered artificial kidney device is being manufactured in the US. The device will be tested on multiple patients before approval.

Artificial kidney

The significant development was informed by the University of California San Francisco researcher Dr Shuvo Roy, co-inventor of the device, during the Tanker annual charity and awards night.

The artificial kidney will be implanted in the abdomen. It is designed to perform exactly the same function of a natural kidney as it will be powered by the heart. The device will also be able to produce the hormones and control the blood pressure.

The artificial kidney will have a filtering membrane to filter out the blood. It will also contain a a bio-reactor comprising living kidney cells.

On an average, about 2.5 lakh people in India embrace to death due to kidney related diseases. This device may bring a new life for kidney patients.

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